A lot of people have asked me how my hair is so healthy now after all the years of sun damage, bleaching, styling and radical colours. The truth is, whenever I did all of that, I just noticed how dry and brittle my hair was becoming. It didn’t help that my hair was already so thin from the get go. I knew I had to make a change and start taking care of my hair in a manageable way that I could do from home.  In the past few years, I have started using CreamSilk and I have really seen a difference in how manageable my hair has become. Now, everyday, I usually just air dry my hair unless I have work then, my hair is at the hair stylist’s mercy.

So I took the CreamSilk hair challenge for 12 days to see how my hair would stand up to  all my styling on a regular basis. So everyday, as I do, I would shampoo regularly then condition with Creamsilk Daily Treatment Conditioner and here’s how I went on.


Day 1- Lunch Meeting – Blow out – This day I had to blow dry my hair ’cause I had a dinner party to attend that night, so my hair immediately had to deal with heat damage but my hair was still soft, smooth, and manageable.

CSK-Day2-Holiday Hair tutorial

Day 2- Holiday Hair Tutorial- Loose Curls – On this day I had to shoot my holiday make up tutorial so I wanted my hair to resemble what I was going for on Christmas, so I curled my hair (like I did here).


Day 3- Date Night- Side Swept Curls- I wanted something a little bit more classic for another one of my date night’s with the boo. So I curled my hair with a wider barrel and used hair spray to keep it all in place.

CSK-Day4-Side Braids

Day 4- Mall Day – Side braids – On this day, I wanted to give my hair a bit of a rest. So I air-dried it and braided the sides and clipped the ends for a simple, fun day look.


Day 5- Christmas Curls with a Hairband – As I mentioned in my Holiday tutorial, I wanted to stay true to my holiday look so I used my curling wand and added a gold hair band for a more festive look.


Day 6- Beach Day in Tali- Spent the whole day out on a boat under the sun and kept my hair up in a pony tail and bun.


I love the natural beach waves look but the salty air can really mess with the smoothness of your hair so a quick wash with creamsilk’s dtc and all was back to normal.


Day 7- Bed Head in Bohol– Spent another day at the beach so this usually means wash and wear. In reality though, I didn’t wash my hair this day to give it a rest. So I was giving everyone at the resort some major bed head vibes 🙂

CSK-Day8- Shoot

Day 8- Shoot Day- Unfortunately, for this day, my hair really took a beating. We had to majorly dry, curl, tease and style it to really achieve this look but I wasn’t too worried. A lot of stylists actually say that it’s a lot more difficult to curl healthy hair than it is dry hair. So I guess the fact that my hair kept resisting their curls was a good sign. Also, because I know I have good products at home, I’m never worried coming in to work like this.

CSK-Day9- Hat hair day

Day 9- Flight to Singapore- From all the styling at the shoot the say before, I just wanted to air dry my hair and pop on a hat for my flight to Singapore.

Flights can actually be very dehydrating not only for your skin but also for your hair so I wanted to give my hair a rest this day then condition when I got to my hotel.


Day 10- Another Shoot Day + Errands- When I got into town, I knew I would have to subject my hair to another round of 3-4 looks in a day. This braid mohawk was the final look we did that day and since I thought it was cool, I kept it on the whole day while I walked around Singapore running errands. The heat damage from all the styling and products could not have helped. Neither could walking around cars under the sun all day but I really didn’t notice any change in my hair’s texture. It’s all still good in the hood!



Day 11- Lunch date + Shoot at night- Singapore can get quite hot so while I was walking around all day, I kept my hair up in a pony tail and only let it down at night for another shoot. Again, it was curled.


Day 12- Rest day – I wanted to style my hair this day but I didn’t wanna use any heat on my hair. So I went for these triple twist pony tail look that I did myself. It literally took 5 minutes to do but you can see how healthy my hair is – still- after all that damage! woohoo!

Honestly, I have been so much more confident with experimenting with hairstyles or styling my hair more frequently because I know my hair can withstand it all with the help of CreamSilk’s Daily Treatment Conditioner. Braids? Twists? Curls? Irons? Bring it on! As I did. lol.

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