Belo Baby Hangout
17 October 2016


Just this past Saturday was our #Scentsational Squad got to hang out with the winners of the #BeloBaby Instagram contest for each ambassador. That meant I got to meet my 5 winners from Instagram too and spend a sweet afternoon with them full of fun activities.



Before the event even started, each guest was asked some questions about their personalities before they would be sent to their respective teams to make sure each team had a bunch of similarities.


Then we were broken up into 3 teams to represent each variant: Cool Drizzle – a classic scent that leaves skin feeling fresh; Sweet Snuggle – a floral scent that bloom throughout the day; and Happy Tickle – a fruity scent that adds sweetness to your skin.


The Cool Drizzle team, led by Kaila, got to make accessories – bracelets to be specific and bond over some of their interests.


The Happy Tickle team, led by Vern, got to explore their creative side while plaster painting.



and The Sweet Snuggle team, led by yours truly, got to explore not just our love for sweets but how creative we could get designing cupcakes too! And boy, was that a challenge! haha!






It was actually fun to get to spend the afternoon with some of my readers, and just chat about whatever came to mind while making fun of our cupcake designing skills – or lack thereof.





We were also there, however, to share our love for #BeloBabyCologne as well. It is quite rare to find products that not only help you to smell good but also provide so many benefits to the skin as well. First of all, it has glycerin & a chamomile-derived ingredient that soothes the skin. Second, it is absolutely free of parabens, phthalates and coloring agents. And third, it’s dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic which just makes it perfect for all skin types!


Being all girls at the table, we all got to talking about our favourite scents and how we always try to stay fresh all day. So it’s nice to know that there are brands out there like Belo Baby, who can address our needs while protecting our skin at the same time.


Crystalle Belo also got to drop by to not only give us more of an understanding of the products but somehow ended up giving us some life advice that she has learned through the years much like an ‘ate’ (older sister) would. That definitely made the event feel more like a slumber party with your girlfriends more than anything.


I actually love getting to spend time like this with my readers ’cause you end up getting to know more about the people behind the likes and the comments on my Instagram. So thank you, Belo Baby for making that happen for us! It was definitely an afternoon well-spent and I look forward to having more days like this with my readers.


If you would like to know more about #BeloBaby, visit their website at, or check out their accounts here: FB: belobabylove, Twitter: @belobabylove, IG: @belobabylove

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