Day two of our Sumilon trip brought us to swim with the whale sharks in Oslob (only 15 mins away from the resort) – something I’ve always wanted to try but was always hesitant due to the controversy around it. I must admit, up until we jumped into the water, I was still having doubts on whether or not I should do it but it was quite reassuring to see the effort they put in into protecting the whale sharks.


Before we got to jump in the water, we first had to go through a briefing of what we can and cannot do and how far we must stay away from them etc. They even made us shower before we got into the water to rinse off any hazardous products we may have slathered on. They also had ‘sherifs’ standing by to make sure that no harm would come to the whale sharks so that we could admire their beauty from a distance.



I won’t pretend. I’m no expert in marine life safety or marine biology so I’m not sure what is bad or good but obviously we tried our best to keep our distance and made sure we never touched them. I mean, if you even had the guts to! I’ve been told that they’re gentle creatures but their size can still be quite intimidating – especially for a girl that’s afraid of fish! *see previous post*







I had to do my best not to panic when one would pop up behind me or under me. After a while, I got so mesmerised by their majesty that I couldn’t help but follow them around and just watch. Yes. I know. Very stalker of me. haha! But when else could I have this experience again?! In my mind, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I wanted to soak it all in.



In that moment, I finally understood why people loved diving so much. When you’re under water with such amazing creatures it’s like you’re in a different world. Like you’ve transported to a place where no one can touch you and all your troubles are left behind. That’s what is was like. In those 10 or 15 minutes. I wasn’t worrying about everything else going on in my life. I was just enjoying the moment. Happy to be alive and to be one with nature.


My friends were even laughing at me in the end because I was the one who was most terrified of sea creatures and yet I was the one who didn’t wanna leave or get out of the water! Go figure. Masyado nag enjoy. haha!


I’m so happy I was able to capture the moment as well (in these photos) so I can relive the moment whenever I want just by opening this post. 🙂


Thank you Blue Water Sumilon for organising this amazing adventure for us. I will never forget it.

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