Here’s a little something I wanted to share with you guys about what really goes on behind the scenes at most of our photo shoots.
So I’ll usually wear outfits like these with heels – ’cause, let’s face it, everything looks good in heels.
But what you usually don’t see is what we wear when the cameras aren’t rolling. Any guesses?
If you guessed flip flops or flats then you got it right! I usually prefer flip flops because they’re the easiest to slip on and off without having to think about straps, locks, or hooks. The problem is, majority of the flip flops out there are rubber and can make you look like you’re walking around the house or the beach.
Good thing I found these gold slippers at Allure Collection‘s website! They just give it that extra flair to make them look classier than any regular plain old flip flops. Getting them in neutrals (which I consider metallics to be) is a great way to be able to match them with more outfits than if you got a loud colour.
I think the gold even gives the skin on my tired feet that extra glow!
While shopping on the Allure Collection website, I even scored this ‘banig’ inspired clutch which I love for that Filipino touch.
We have so many Filipino designers who sell clutches like these for an arm and a leg and I’m so happy to see that now they can be found so affordably online! Now you can score that same ‘travelled’, ‘sophisticated’ look for a fraction of the cost.
Sounds pretty good to me!
*All photos shot with the Samsung NX Mini. Love the clarity and quality of the photos. 🙂

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