Cabin Call
11 November 2016


This lovely summer weather as got me reminiscing this beautiful sunny day in Sorrento.


In between all the gelato tastings and carb-loading, I knew I would have to pack a one-piece for this trip to semi-disguise my growing pasta bump of a belly! haha!


It’s a good thing I had this saviour lying around the house, so I decided to bring it along to Italy with me. If you’re worried about the tan lines, then maybe suits like this aren’t for you but for a girl like me who almost NEVER gets dark, it’s a non-issue.


I also couldn’t resist the changing rooms at Leonelli’s Beach! Those stark yellow and red changing rooms were just calling my name. They just reminded me of old movies in the 50’s and I just had to be around them. There’s not much that’s special about them aside form the fact that they looked cute! haha! But that was enough for me to pay 8euros and pretend that I too was on the set of some elaborate 1950s Hollywood film. 🙂 haha!


Read more about this day on my previous blog post, here.

(Forever21 sunnies, PearlyPop Swimwear, MBB sandals)

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