Caped Crusader
1 February 2014
Is it just me or did January fly by in a blink of an eye? Now February is here and I have gotten a few emails asking about what to wear on date night. So here’s what I would probably wear on that special night.
To begin with, I decided to play around with the color of love but rather than going for an all red dress, I decided I’d subdue the color with some black to keep it flattering – especially if you’re planning to eat a lot that night! 😉
I found this Harlow top on the Van Vogue Manila website and thought it had quite an interesting cut so I thought I’d play around with it. Jo Beth (the designer) used a pattern that gives the sequins some character without being too loud, which I liked.
If you’re going for a look like this, I would suggest choosing one piece that would accentuate a part of your body that you are most comfortable with or proud of then keep everything else simple. You want to feel beautiful but you also want to stay comfortable, so don’t wear anything that would bother you all night. That would just take away from your experience.
For those wondering, Van Vogue Manila now also makes customized designs and pieces. So if there’s something you would like to do differently, they can definitely help you out. Like I said, it’s all about what you want and what you’re comfortable with.
(Van Vogue Manila top, Dorothy Perkins skirt, Giorgio Armani clutch, Steve Madden heels)
Most of all, I want you to remember not to put too much pressure on the night or yourself! It’s just one more day in the year to enjoy and spend with your loved ones (whoever they may be). I hope this helps. Enjoy, ladies!

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