Long Lost Lannister
29 July 2016

Not the character I would have chosen but alas I feel like silk is more of a Lannister fabric than a Targaryen. Sorry, Daenerys. I guess I’ll have to save you for a more appropriate day – Halloween perhaps. All GoT bucket lists aside, I decided I’d share with you guys an interesting take on the classic slip dress. Now that this sexy number is coming back in trend, I thought... [read more]

Deep Blue
18 July 2016

I love to the sale sections of shopping sites and just seeing what I can score from time to time ’cause you’ll never know what you will find, like this shirt that was half off on Romwe.com. Score! I’ve been so obsessed with t-shirts lately and just how comfortable they are so I’m happy to add this ‘blinging’ number to my otherwise plain repertoire. haha! It’s the perfect... [read more]

Sound of Music Moment
14 July 2016

When my boyfriend saw me coming out of the arrival terminal in the airport wearing this, his first comment was that I looked like I was wearing my curtains! 🙂 haha! I couldn’t help but take it as a wonderful compliment and pretended I was Maria von Trapp the whole day. I had the soundtrack playing in my head as I twirled all around CDO without a care in the world. I... [read more]

In Theatres Near You
9 July 2016

It was quite fortunate that Laureen and I got some time off to be able to explore Singapore with Zippy on this day so we found this cute little cinema that just happened to be empty.

6 July 2016

I only wish I looked like this in high school! haha! But alas I was far from this. Imagine this with longer hair, colourful braces, 20 pounds skinnier, and just lanky overall. That was me. haha! Thank God I outgrew that but if you are still going to school and need some ‘inspo’ for what to wear. Here’s my ‘Clueless‘ inspired look. I’m just not too sure if schools will allow skirts... [read more]

Romwe From Home
1 July 2016

Do you guys ever get into the habit of saving some of your favourite outfits for special occasions that never really happen? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry! You’re not alone. I have been doing it since I was a little girl and it’s something I’ve been trying over the years but sometimes I just can’t help it! Usually, what ends up happening is you don’t even get... [read more]

My Sweet Escape
15 June 2016

“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta, The Travels of Ibn Battutah I couldn’t agree more.  Every time I see a new place, I’m always so enthralled by every detail – the people, the architecture, the food. Then I go back home and get excited to share my experiences with you guys. Here are some photos I took with The Sweet Escape during my recent trip to... [read more]

What an honour to have made it on this list! Thank you so much MEGASTYLE.PH for making me one of your ‘Most Beautiful Influencers’. I am so kilig right now but most of all, thank you for the kind words on the write up! I never really realise how silly I am until other people call it out. So thanks for that! lol! I’m happy to put a smile... [read more]

I got a few emails and tweets from people asking how they could look better in their photos, so I got the advice of the most sought-after fashion photographer in the country to give his expert opinion how we could take our photos to the next level! I hope this answers all your questions: A big THANK YOU to BJ Pascual for agreeing to do this with me... [read more]

These Streets
29 April 2016

Touchdown London! It’s my first time to ever step foot in the UK after years of imagining what it would be like, I finally get to see it for myself. So please pardon me while I immerse myself completely in this city. I will do my best to update on SnapChat (@nic_andersson) and Instagram but for now, here’s a throwback to my one of my busier days running... [read more]

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