Excuse the mess in my room hahahaha but I had 20 minutes to pack for Milan so I threw EVERYTHING out! hahahaha! It’s so crazy how last-minute this trip was but still loads of fun. Watch what Liz and I got up to during Milan Fashion Week 2017. 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

A lot of people have asked me how my hair is so healthy now after all the years of sun damage, bleaching, styling and radical colours. The truth is, whenever I did all of that, I just noticed how dry and brittle my hair was becoming. It didn’t help that my hair was already so thin from the get go. I knew I had to make a change and start... [read more]

Smart Sinulog 2017
8 January 2017

Last year, I took a cruise ship from Manila to Cebu to join Smart in celebrating Sinulog – and it was CRAZY! (read more about it here) And this year, Smart is doing it again! This year, they are sponsoring two of the biggest parties – LifeDance and Invasion. So if you’re planning to go this year, make sure to subscribe to the Giga 50 plan so that you can share... [read more]

Off to a Good Start
7 January 2017

Ever new year means fresh beginnings and new opportunities. It’s always exciting when a new year comes ’cause it’s a fresh start to work on our goals. We all know the feeling, everyone starts making resolutions and in just a few weeks or months we all end up forgetting them. Don’t worry. I’m guilty of that too but I still can’t help wanting to make them or at least... [read more]

I just recently got my Torque card and I wanted to tell you ladies a little about it. It is a lifestyle and privilege card for women professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators where members can gain access to a curated collection of exclusive benefits in hotels and resorts worldwide, dining, wellness and beauty studios, travel services and more! When I heard about it, I wanted to try it out for... [read more]

My Sweet Escape – Sydney
26 November 2016

Going off of my recent solo trip in Sydney, I knew that I would need the help (yet again) of one of my favourite online booking sites to help me capture moments from my trip. I’m of course talking about the Sweet Escape. You may remember them from my previous Sweden post. Well, this time around I booked a photography session in Sydney with The Sweet Escape and got... [read more]

Got another video for you guys! This time it’s to help with some last-minute Halloween costume ideas. If you have any more ideas, let me know in the comment section below! Also, let me know if you wanna see other things on my Youtube Channel too. I would love to hear some cool ideas.

7Th Wheel in Sienna
19 October 2016

On our last day in the Castle, we all had one final brunch before everyone parted ways and did their own thing. Raymond and I were supposed to go to Sienna with the group but he ditched me last minute so that’s how I became 7th wheel. 🙁 Thanks, Mond! P.S. Watch all my friends scatter & leave my side every time I bust out the selfie stick &... [read more]

Belo Baby Hangout
17 October 2016

Just this past Saturday was our #Scentsational Squad got to hang out with the winners of the #BeloBaby Instagram contest for each ambassador. That meant I got to meet my 5 winners from Instagram too and spend a sweet afternoon with them full of fun activities. Before the event even started, each guest was asked some questions about their personalities before they would be sent to their respective teams to make sure each team had... [read more]

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