Long Lost Lannister
29 July 2016

Not the character I would have chosen but alas I feel like silk is more of a Lannister fabric than a Targaryen. Sorry, Daenerys. I guess I’ll have to save you for a more appropriate day – Halloween perhaps. All GoT bucket lists aside, I decided I’d share with you guys an interesting take on the classic slip dress. Now that this sexy number is coming back in trend, I thought... [read more]

I still can’t believe I got to fly to London to watch Rihanna LIVE! When I got the call from #SmartBro about the concert, I didn’t even think twice about saying YES! I didn’t even check my schedule or anything. I just knew I had to make it happen and since we were only there for such a short time, I knew I had to make the best... [read more]

Deep Blue
18 July 2016

I love to the sale sections of shopping sites and just seeing what I can score from time to time ’cause you’ll never know what you will find, like this shirt that was half off on Romwe.com. Score! I’ve been so obsessed with t-shirts lately and just how comfortable they are so I’m happy to add this ‘blinging’ number to my otherwise plain repertoire. haha! It’s the perfect... [read more]

Our recent trip to Bali was not only full of adventure but we also got to see the newest collections of Roxy and do a little bit of shopping on the side! I loved the concept stores and how they really stay true to the surfer lifestyle. Bali just has a different vibe and it makes everyone around so much more chill. I may not be a surfer but... [read more]

MAY 2016 Favourites
19 June 2016

Every time I find products I like, I love to share them with my friends so I decided to make a video to show you guys a few of my faves from the month of May. Enjoy!

From one activity straight into another! If surfing gave us the thrill seekers’ fix, then yoga was up next to put our tired bodies back in the zone and be able to relax after a full night of partying. Yes. You read that right, I was convinced by all the girls to join them for a night out to experience Bali after dark. Muahahahaha! *cue sketchy music* Just kidding! We... [read more]

My Sweet Escape
15 June 2016

“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta, The Travels of Ibn Battutah I couldn’t agree more.  Every time I see a new place, I’m always so enthralled by every detail – the people, the architecture, the food. Then I go back home and get excited to share my experiences with you guys. Here are some photos I took with The Sweet Escape during my recent trip to... [read more]

Here it is! Our first video from our Bali trip! Between all my face plants, I managed to get up on the board one solid time! haha! Kryz beat us all with her island girl skills but we all still had just as much fun. Just a heads up to all the surf coaches out there: it might not be the best thing to say “Uh-oh” (1:06) while a... [read more]

Take me back to our Balinese escape with Roxy and I’ll gladly re-live everything we did! Honestly, this has got to be one of our best trips together so far. Not only did we get to meet & hang out with some very cool people on the trip but we got to learn (or attempt) to surf too! I think I now know what it means to be ‘stoked’. What an AMAZING... [read more]

What an honour to have made it on this list! Thank you so much MEGASTYLE.PH for making me one of your ‘Most Beautiful Influencers’. I am so kilig right now but most of all, thank you for the kind words on the write up! I never really realise how silly I am until other people call it out. So thanks for that! lol! I’m happy to put a smile... [read more]

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