Boracay Adventure Day
22 May 2016

Remember when I said our Henann trip was such an adventure? Well, here’s why: First of all, I started out the day by paddle boarding along the shore with some equipment that was being rented out by the locals on the beach. Then, Henann organised a sunset cruise for us around Boracay where we ended up seeing this really big party boat in the middle of the ocean that had a... [read more]

Going from my awesome experience with Henann Bohol, it was only fitting that I checked out their Boracay resort as well. I heard such good things about the place so I wanted to go check it out for myself. As expected, we had a blast! It was quite fortunate that all our schedules aligned and we were able to go with such a big group. This allowed us... [read more]

I dared Solenn to do my makeup before we left for Europe but since she’s already such a pro, I challenged her to do it BLINDFOLDED! Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. She’s just too darn good! Watch the video here:

I got a few emails and tweets from people asking how they could look better in their photos, so I got the advice of the most sought-after fashion photographer in the country to give his expert opinion how we could take our photos to the next level! I hope this answers all your questions: A big THANK YOU to BJ Pascual for agreeing to do this with me... [read more]

Just a few weeks away from the final Close Up Forever Summer music festival so I figured now would be a good time to share a few things I’ve learned along the way from all the festivals I’ve been to and how you can be as prepared as possible to make this the best Close Up Forever Summer yet. Cash is King (usually): This depends on where your... [read more]

Sorry I’ve been mia again! As you’ve seen on Instagram, I’ve been busy working in Singapore so I had to take a pause from editing so I can focus on the task at hand. Anyway, we should be back to regular programming – so here’s a sneak peak as to what went on behind the scenes of my shoot with Spotted.Ph. It’s always an honour to be featured in... [read more]

Continuing on from my Tokyo post, I have collated a photo diary of our adventures around Shinjuku. And as you can see, most of the trip revolved around food. haha!  If I’m not mistaken, our first stop was at this Tempura place called Tempura Tunahachi and it was amazing! We also met up with Gervin who took us around and showed us the best places to eat! Like this... [read more]

The Kase
9 March 2016

With all the online case stores out there, and all the designs to choose from, how do you even begin to choose what to get? Well, I personally believe that, just like your clothes, your accessories should also compliment your personal style and personality. And sometimes going through hundreds of choices can be so confusing and frustrating, so why not just pick a design or picture you want, then... [read more]

This month, my feature on The Idle Man has finally come out! I was interviewed for their ‘Best Of The Web’ series where they  “chat to some of the most stylish and creative men and women from all over the world” -their words, not mine. 😉 It’s always cool to get recognised by international groups and in this featured I shared some of my favourite songs (AOTM), fashion... [read more]

Future Proof
2 March 2016

Just a few weeks ago, I got to be part of another first in the Philippines – the unveiling of the Ponds Institute in Manila. It’s always so exciting to be part of such revolutionary changes that are happening in our country. And in today’s day and age, it seems like technology and urbanisation are developing at a rate faster than we are so it’s important to stay informed and ahead of the... [read more]

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