Hong Kong Photo Diary
3 November 2015

Hello from the other side! (I blame Adele playing in the background) Anyway, the song seems fitting ’cause this random trip to Hong Kong was booked on such an impulse mainly fuelled by a broken heart, some Beyonce songs, and an urgent need to get away. Now before all the questions start pouring in, I was really just being melodramatic but I did want to get away to... [read more]

For a quick break from our Universal Studios adventure, we dropped by ESPA at RWS (Singapore’s largest luxury spa). This flagship spa serves as the perfect oasis for those wanting to escape from the city or just wanting to take time out from the resort’s attractions. This relaxed and casual haven offers indoor spaces that give outdoor views to the lush, preserved jungle hillsides and calming reflection ponds.... [read more]

Keeping it Cool
12 October 2015

There are so many things I’m learning now that I’m living in my own space. I literally have to think about every little aspect that goes into it and be smart about how I design my space too. If it’s one thing I’m always thinking about, it’s how to keep the balance between practicality and style. One major factor that, I think, many home owners will agree with,... [read more]

Some Prep in My Step
11 September 2015

What do you guys wear to school? To be honest, I wish I made a bit more of an effort dressing up back in my college days (just cause). Back in high school, we always wore uniforms which made my life easier in the mornings but in college, I think I wore more sweatpants and hoodies than I’d like to admit. So now that I am somewhat getting... [read more]

Birthday Staycation
2 September 2015

Every year my birthday comes along and I always want to celebrate with my friends but I never end up doing anything because trying to herd all my friends in one chat group is difficult enough. Then try planning something around everyone’s schedules! Good luck. I wanted to get everyone together but the typical club scene is just not for me. I’m more of a game night kinda... [read more]

New World Manila Bay
26 August 2015

I remember as a little girl I would get so excited whenever my mom would tell me that we would be having a staycation in the hotel near our house. I didn’t care if we didn’t leave the city. I just loved jumping on a new bed, watching TV and ordering as much room service as I wanted! And though I no longer jump on the beds, I still... [read more]

18 August 2015

In light of my confusion and uncertainty lately, allow me to share this throwback post from my trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The mood of this memory pretty much suits my sentiments right now. I don’t know if it’s my recent birthday blues or if this is just a weird phase I’m going through but it’s quite scary to be on this ride when you don’t know what’s... [read more]

Our Smart Lives
16 July 2015

Let’s put the travel posts on pause for a second to talk about something I’m grateful I get to do every single day and that’s being able to have a world of information at our very finger tips. I can’t even fathom how our parents or society functioned before the internet let alone our smart phones. It truly is something that’s so ingrained in our daily habits that... [read more]

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