My Early Christmas Gift
28 December 2018

Do you ever go Christmas shopping and end up always wanting to get things for yourself? Well, for me, it happens all the time! I have been on a few trips with my girlfriends and every time we all get ready for bed, everyone busted out one of these Foreo devices and I always was so curious about why they loved it so much. I wanted to wait for... [read more]

With all the flights I have been taking lately, I have had to adjust my skin care routine to adapt to my erratic schedule, lack of sleep, and all the dryness caused by these flights. So I created a small travel pouch of all my essentials to make sure I land after a long-haul flight with glowing skin. Here’s a quick video to show you just what I do to give... [read more]

Here are my favourite from April! PLUS an AWESOME GIVEAWAY for you guys! Watch the video to see the full mechanics on how to win. Jord immediate $25 off code: y94344t Contest End Date 4/23/2017 Favourites: 1) Jord Watch 2) Siargao 3) Dida Iconoic Palette 4) Earrings (similar found here) 5) Trader Joe’s Chocolate

Double Cleansing
6 December 2016

So many people have asked me for a daily and nightly skin routine lately so I figured I’d tackle it slowly as doing the entire routine might be too long. So first let’s talk about cleansing and makeup removal. Every night before bed, I make sure that my face is clean of all the makeup I have on plus all the dirt and dust it’s accumulated throughout the day. This... [read more]

I got this challenge and headed straight to Watsons MOA to find products that would cover all my needs for under P1,000. Watch me do an everyday make up look for under $20 (aka P1,000) and see if I conquered it! Let me know in the comments section down below if you wanna see more videos like this or if you have other ideas instead! I would love to hear... [read more]

What’s in My Kikay Kit
29 August 2016

As requested, here are some of the things in my on-the-go kikay kit. I usually do my makeup in the morning or in the car then I just bring this kit with me in my bag so I can touch-up and keep fresh all day. Since I already carry a laptop, camera, and phone with me, I try to keep everything else to a minimum. So I really... [read more]

I dared Solenn to do my makeup before we left for Europe but since she’s already such a pro, I challenged her to do it BLINDFOLDED! Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. She’s just too darn good! Watch the video here:

SM Beauty Ball
6 May 2016

Everyone knows how much I love make up and it’s not for it’s shallow purposes but because the art of transformation one can do with it it simply astounding. It’s exactly that – an art that has been used and passed down for centuries. It’s amazing what a simple touch here and sweep there can do enhance one’s beauty and boost their confidence. This art is further perfected by makeover masters—artists who have... [read more]

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