As a second installation of my Bohol diary (*see part one here), here are some photos from our adventure day with Henann Resort, Bohol. Basically, this was when we moved into the villa room which was amazing! We had our own private pool as well as a balcony which was supposed to be fully used when Martine and Jess flew in that day but their flights were stalled by... [read more]

Headed to Cebu for the Sinulog Festival? You are in for the most awesome experiences with your barkada as Smart gives you many ways to enjoy the Philippines’ grandest and most colorful celebration! From sailing to Cebu in style onboard a party boat and staying in unique, memorable accommodations, to staying connected to your favorite apps while partying all out with the best DJs, you can rely on... [read more]

I’m so happy to share these photos with you from our lovely stay in Henann Resort in Bohol, Philippines. If you guys haven’t been to Bohol yet, I highly recommend a trip this year! The beaches are lovely and the island has got quite a lot of activities to offer (more on that in my next post). I have been to Bohol a few times in the past but this was... [read more]

Burger Queen
15 December 2015

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you how much I love to eat. It’s more than just a necessity for me but an indulgence. Like very bite is a piece of happiness entering my soul. Now the weird thing is, that no matter how much everyone around me loves their pizza, I always have and always will be a ‘burger girl’. That’s a thing (... [read more]

Day two of our Sumilon trip brought us to swim with the whale sharks in Oslob (only 15 mins away from the resort) – something I’ve always wanted to try but was always hesitant due to the controversy around it. I must admit, up until we jumped into the water, I was still having doubts on whether or not I should do it but it was quite reassuring... [read more]

It’s amazing how many beautiful islands we have here in the Philippines. And somehow, no matter how many I’ve seen already, they all have their own unique charm that’s different from all the rest. I’m always happy to discover beautiful, new places and I didn’t know this tiny island (Sumilon) existed between Dumaguete and Cebu. When I was invited by BlueWater Sumilon, I went on this trip not... [read more]

While everyone else in Baguio was busy patronising all the famous tourist spots, I was exploring a different side of the city that you don’t usually see on the major travel site’s the top ten lists. Here’s what I found: First Stop: Choco-late de Batirol Hidden within Camp John Hay, this little oasis can be quite hard to find if you’re not keeping a look out. This was... [read more]

Billy Jean
9 November 2015

Ah! The ever versatile denim jeans. Don’t you just love how multi-functional these babies are and how much they save our lives whenever we’re lazy? Whenever, I travel I always have to have at least one pair of jeans with me to use on the days when I couldn’t be bothered to style myself. They are my go to item that require minimal thought and effort. Here, I... [read more]

Hong Kong Photo Diary
3 November 2015

Hello from the other side! (I blame Adele playing in the background) Anyway, the song seems fitting ’cause this random trip to Hong Kong was booked on such an impulse mainly fuelled by a broken heart, some Beyonce songs, and an urgent need to get away. Now before all the questions start pouring in, I was really just being melodramatic but I did want to get away to... [read more]

For a quick break from our Universal Studios adventure, we dropped by ESPA at RWS (Singapore’s largest luxury spa). This flagship spa serves as the perfect oasis for those wanting to escape from the city or just wanting to take time out from the resort’s attractions. This relaxed and casual haven offers indoor spaces that give outdoor views to the lush, preserved jungle hillsides and calming reflection ponds.... [read more]

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