6 July 2016

I only wish I looked like this in high school! haha! But alas I was far from this. Imagine this with longer hair, colourful braces, 20 pounds skinnier, and just lanky overall. That was me. haha! Thank God I outgrew that but if you are still going to school and need some ‘inspo’ for what to wear. Here’s my ‘Clueless‘ inspired look. I’m just not too sure if schools will allow skirts this short, but you can improvise!

I am so happy backpacks are back and happier that I scored one in this colour too! Finally, for everyone who was asking, here you go! I will list all brand details below.

I can’t believe I’ve forgotten just how awesome backpacks are! They were all I used in high school ’cause I would literally just throw everything in and be hands-free the rest of the day. I should def use this more. I’m not sure it will be good for school cause I don’t think any of your notes/ books will fit in it. So maybe if you can find a bigger option, that would be better.

Not sure if you can see it, but I also added a purple pompom (from H&M) to give it some character. Some people add pins or patches, I add pompoms. Go figure.

(Dior sunnies, top and shoes from Hong Kong, Marc Bale watch, John Hardy bracelet, Charles & Keith backpack)

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