Cream Silk Hair Sonata
5 November 2013
I’m so happy I can finally post about the WORLD’S FIRST EVER Hair Sonata by Creamsilk. As you all saw on my Instagram and Twitter accounts, the night was just fabulous! Everyone came out to the NBC tent all dressed to the nines to witness history in the making. I mean, when else have you ever heard of human hair being used on violin bows? It just astonished me to think that all this hair treated with Creamsilk didn’t even break with all that pressure. That night, strong hair was definitely not just seen but heard as well. Usually, Laureen, Kryz and I are such chatterboxes but watching the Philharmonic Orchestra lead by Maestro Gerard Salonga just took the words right out us. We literally had goosebumps. This was definitely a night to remember. If you don’t believe me, just look at the photos below…

Before I end this post, let me just talk a bit about the look. Having the honor of being one of the correspondents for this lovely evening meant looking the part and I knew just what gown I wanted to wear. This is actually a gown I’ve had for a while. I asked my mom to keep it for me after she wore it ages ago and I am so glad she did! It’s got just the right ‘poof’ to make you feel like a princess but still classy enough to look like a lady. I couldn’t really explain to anyone who had made my dress ’cause it’s a vintage Tadashi and isn’t really sold here. But I am definitely wearing this again in the future.
All in all, a great evening! Thank you so much to Creamsilk for letting us experience this evening as correspondents. xx

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