Double Cleansing
6 December 2016

So many people have asked me for a daily and nightly skin routine lately so I figured I’d tackle it slowly as doing the entire routine might be too long. So first let’s talk about cleansing and makeup removal.


Every night before bed, I make sure that my face is clean of all the makeup I have on plus all the dirt and dust it’s accumulated throughout the day. This is where my double cleansing routine comes into play. First, I use a cold cream to remove my make up from my skin, while keeping it moisturized. This is a trick I learned from my mom back when I was in grade school and I’ve stuck with ever since. I figured, why change what’s worked for me since I was a little girl? It’s cool though ’cause now Ponds has a washable version which I just love even more!


This specific washable cold cream is formulated with 40% beauty essence and Witch Hazel which is known to keep stripping the skin off essential oils.


All I have to do is simply massage this cream gently on wet hands and face, then, rinse off! Then I follow up with a face wash that I feel suits my needs that day. This is usually a choice between the age miracle face wash or the acne clear one depending on whether or not I’m breaking out that day.


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