Emerald Island
30 January 2015
Seems like the holidays were just here and now January is coming to an end. Is it just me or is time flying by really fast? Before you know it, it’s summer again and that means back to worrying about our bikini bodies and choosing just the right bikini for you. Yikes! Hands up if you’d rather just live in kaftans all summer long! haha! The thought has crossed my mind once or twice but with so many cute ‘swimmies’ out there I feel like we’d all be missing out if we didn’t experiment from time to time.

Speaking of experimenting, you don’t always have to go too crazy with your choices – you can stick to a colour that you know looks good on you and then just try a different cut or silhouette or vice versa – similar to what I did on this last trip to the beach this month. I stuck to jewel tones that I knew would pop on my pale skin tone but opted to try this bandeau / halter top rather than just a plain old bandeau.
I feel like it makes you look so much classier and sophisticated even if you are practically half-naked. Who says you can’t have both?!
I, for one, can’t wait for summer and I think it’s pretty obvious… 🙂
(bikini top from Soak Swimwear)

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