Exploring Rome – Day 1
22 September 2016


Here we go! The first of many blog posts about my Mediterranean Escape tour with Contiki.

Here’s what happened on day one:



 Laureen and I arrived early in Rome and so we checked into our hotel and walked around the area before meeting up with the group at around 4pm. Our hotel was near this really cool dome and surrounded by cafes, so we decided to have a quick coffee stop and some pizza because after all, when in ROME! Right?


While having coffee I ran back into our hotel cause I forgot my camera when I was found by one of our readers in the lobby doing some recon work from our snapchats and IG posts! haha! Very clever, missy! From our posts, she was able to narrow down our location and somehow found us right in time! If I was a little bit more paranoid, I’d say this was quite scary but she was so nice and just happy to see us so we had her join us for some coffee before the briefing.


When it came time to meet up with everyone, Laureen and I arrived at the meeting point still quite shy from not having been introduced but as people trickled in more and more, we started loosening up and meeting everyone on the tour. You can imagine how pumped everyone was being the first meet up, knowing full well we would be embarking on quite an adventure together. Then we spent a few minutes just aligning with our tour manager, Maite, and signing up for all the tours we wanted to do for the rest of the stay. Some rules and reminders here and there, then it was off to dinner!



At dinner, we all got to sit in big tables with everyone to start getting acquainted and share some stories and jokes to break the ice. The wine helped too! haha! I shared a few stories that night that seemed to have stayed with us the entire trip and even became a running joke all throughout – but I’ll keep that between us! 🙂



Dinner led into our first walking tour of the city where we got to see the famous Spanish Steps (albeit under renovation), the Pantheon as well as the iconic TREVI FOUNTAIN! I seriously almost cried when I saw this. It almost felt so surreal and I couldn’t believe my eyes. With it being the first day, I didn’t i would be shocked so instantaneously but I was. I guess I didn’t really prepare myself for the things i would see. It was just so wonderful to see something I used to see in all the movies growing up right before my eyes. So I just had to make a wish! So far, one of them has come true and I’m hoping the rest will too.









It’s definitely safe to say that this was a great first day to our trip and even though I was so tired at the end of it, I had the biggest smile on my face.


More on our trip in Rome soon, but if you’d like to see more of what went down, check out part one of my vlog here:

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  • Jen

    Hi Nicole! Been following you on Instragram for a while now. Just recently discovered your Youtube channel. Your Europe entries led me here. I am interested in joining a Contiki tour. If you don’t mind me asking, what made you decide to join the tour? Was this sponsored? 🙂