My recent trip to New York for fashion week has been such a whirlwind. The whole week I was there I barely got 5 hours sleep every night, sometimes only 3. I knew I would need to be bringing back all the clothes I wore that week too so I would need as much luggage space as I could get. This meant that flying Business Class was probably my best option to catch up on much-needed sleep and get extra luggage allowance without going over the limit.


I have gotten questions before about what is what like to fly Business Class, and since I rarely get to do it myself, I decided that the one time I did get to do it again, I would share my experience with you guys. So let me take you through it:


It starts with your own line at check-in that usually means no line at all ’cause they have like three or more lanes that if anyone was in front of you, it wouldn’t be much of a wait anyway. Checking-in took me a total of about 5 minutes which then leaded to an invitation at the Mabuhay Lounge in the terminal. There they had everything from warm and cold meals, drink, deserts and the classic arroz caldo. You can have your choice of snacks while you waited for your flight to be announced that it was time to board and when it did come time to board, we had priority boarding which meant we could take our time and settle into our seats before take off.


This is where the fun starts! The moment you board, you are greeted with a cool towel and your choice of champagne, juices, or water- though it would have been cool to have some champagne, I did not want to land with a hang over – so I went for the juice. When I was led to my seat I was so happy to see all the space I had to myself and that I wouldn’t have to worry about my seat mate getting into my personal space – a problem I am all to familiar with in Economy.




The seat connected to a foot compartment where I could store my bag and shoes and rest my feet up when I was ready to turn my little ‘spaceship’ into a bed. All throughout the flight, I could customise how horizontal / vertical I wanted to be. It was like I had a position for every occasion – Sitting up for meals, reclined for watching movies, and full on horizontal for bed time!


Speaking of meals, we got a menu to choose our meal options. They had an option for every person on-board – but since I am pescatarian I  only chose the seafood options. And keep in mind, each meal wasn’t just a dish served on a tray, it was an appetizer, your choice of bread and drinks, your meal thereafter and dessert plus coffee or tea to end. This could be served while you enjoyed any of their wide array of movies, games, and tv shows that you could choose from on your console beside you. I actually get to watch most of my movies in planes now more than I do in actual cinemas with all the flying I do.


What really stood out to me, though, was the service Philippine Airlines provides in comparison to other airlines I have flown. There is just something so special about how Filipinos do hospitality that is unlike anything else in the world. I have flown a few Business Class flights on other airlines before (not a lot) but when I do, it’s almost like the flight attendants were just going through the motions of their job and I couldn’t blame them, really, it’s a tough job to have. But every time I fly Philippine Airlines, the flight attendants are always the warmest and friendliest people you will meet on-board and that makes all the difference. I’m sure these people are tired and sleepy! I mean, imagine working a 13-hour shift. I never got that feeling from them, though. Not once. No matter what time you pressed the call-button, a flight attendant would come to your seat with a smile and help you out with whatever you need. They would also go the extra mile and offer you help with what they can put together for you. I actually got cramps on my flight back to Manila and the flight attendant in my cabin whipped up a make-shift hot compress for me even if the plane didn’t have one. And when I was just minding my own business she would come back to check up on me and make sure I was okay and offered to re-heat the water when needed. This is just one example of the many things the cabin crew do for their passengers and it’s people like that who really make you feel like you’re in good hands when you’re flying across the world.


I’m not gonna pretend Business Class isn’t pricey but with everything you get on board and the comfort of making a 13-hour flight actually something you look forward to, I can honestly say that I do see the value in it. I honestly wish I could do this for all my flights! haha! I’ll just have to work more to be able to afford it but it really was a great experience. Here’s to hoping all my flights are like that. A girl can dream, right?


Watch the video I did for Preview, here:

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