Future Proof
2 March 2016

Ponds Institute 9

Just a few weeks ago, I got to be part of another first in the Philippines – the unveiling of the Ponds Institute in Manila. It’s always so exciting to be part of such revolutionary changes that are happening in our country. And in today’s day and age, it seems like technology and urbanisation are developing at a rate faster than we are so it’s important to stay informed and ahead of the curve. When you think of future-proofing your life, you probably think of your finances and goals, but have you ever thought of future-proofing your skin? Yeah. Me neither.

Ponds Institute 10

Ponds Institute 7

It’s a good thing we have places like the Ponds Institute to help educate us on how pollution, urbanization, and the ever changing environment are affecting our skin and, better yet, provide us with a solution for future proofing our skin. And with outfits like this, I sure need help protecting mine. haha!

Ponds Institute 6

Ponds Institute 4

Beauty and science have finally met as Pond’s Institute opens it’s door in Manila, and brings with it breakthrough and personalized skin care solutions for every Filipina. I won’t get into the nitty gritty of it all but it’s pretty scary to find out what’s out there in the world and how the things we don’t even see affect our skin so much! So if you want to future proof your skin, drop by the Ponds Institute and see how you can take care of your skin too! That way, you won’t have any worries baring your skin with whatever outfit you desire.

ponds institute 1

p8-2 change

This was a dress I have been ‘saving’ for a while ’cause I really wanted to wear it on a special occasion like this one.

ponds institute 3

I wanted to keep the look classic and polished, so I went for understated jewelry and kept the fun aspect on my bag and shoes! What do you think of this look?

ponds institute 2

ponds institute 5

(Similar white dress here and here, YSL bag, Coco & Tulip jewelry, Sophia Webster heels)


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