Hey guys! As promised, here’s another fun giveaway for all you selfie-lovers out there.
Presenting the newest camera from Samsung called the NX Mini!
Aren’t you tired of all the blurry, low-res selfies we get from the front cameras on our smart phones? Yeah. So am I. Well this time our selfies can be so much clearer using the NX Mini’s 180-degree flip up display, touch UI and wink shot! I was actually surprised that when I was playing with it on my own the camera automatically took my photo when I smiled! It recognised that I was smiling and snapped the moment! I didn’t even have to press any buttons. Now that’s clever.
Better yet, I think the camera’s best feature is the built-in wi-fi feature that allow for instantaneous uploading & sharing! I can literally take a photo on the camera and upload it on my phone within seconds then share it online right away! If you own a Samsung phone, you can even just tap the back of the phone on the camera and the photos pop up in your phone right away! Don’t ask me how it happens, it just does. I like to believe it’s magic. haha!
Now you can win one just by doing the following mechanics!
1. Submit a selfie showing the hurdles you have to go through everytime you take one. It can be a selfie in an event with low lighting, bad angle, pixelated shots, anything that shows why you need to get your hands on the NXmini.
2. Then tell us why you need an NXmini with hashtags #IWantanNXMINI & #SamsungNXMini & tag @samsungph &@nicoleandersson
*Winners will be chosen based on creativity, caption, number of likes, and Samsung’s discretion.
Samsung NX Mini: Php21,990 (SRP) / Available Nationwide – Samsung dealers
Good luck guys!Winner: @santosdhc