Boracay Adventure Day
22 May 2016

Remember when I said our Henann trip was such an adventure? Well, here’s why:

First of all, I started out the day by paddle boarding along the shore with some equipment that was being rented out by the locals on the beach.

Then, Henann organised a sunset cruise for us around Boracay where we ended up seeing this really big party boat in the middle of the ocean that had a massive slide from the second floor into the sea. (*see below)

Then we made our way closer to the boat and asked the captain if we could just hop on for a quick ride down that slide. Lucky enough, they were very friendly and said yes! And here is where it got a little scary. haha!

Not estimating just high up that slide was, I told everyone to try it out but when it came to my turn, I panicked and couldn’t get myself to slide down for a good ten minutes! haha! I was grasping on for dear life and even screamed at the man who was trying to push me down! haha! Sorry, kuya! My fear of heights got the best of me.

However, after much coaxing from my friends (which was mostly them laughing at how afraid I was), I finally go the courage to jump in and thank god I did cause that was so much fun! Now I wanna keep doing it whenever I see one.

*Achievement unlocked!*

And if that wasn’t enough, we all got to cap the day off with some parasailing at sunset!

This wasn’t really a first for me but it was for Laureen and she asked me to ride with her so she wouldn’t be so afraid so I did. 🙂 It was fun to add just another activity on our list of firsts together!

Thank you, Hennan for making that happen.

All that adventure made us work up an appetite so we scarfed down all the food at the hotel and eat at Sea Breeze which is where the dancing chefs got Sean and I to join them in a little dance number for practically all of Station 2! haha!

Naturally, we were all exhausted from all that jumping, swimming, paddling, and dancing that we scheduled a massage at Kai Spa.

This place was so tranquil and relaxing.

Laureen and I made sure to enjoy all the facilities first before going in for our massage. We first chatted it up in the dry and wet saunas then moved onto the jacuzzis where we sipped on some tea and pretended to be old, rich housewives talking about our dream lives! lol! Thank God no one heard us or we’d sound crazy.

Then it was off to our individual rooms for our Kai Signature Massage.

This was my room.

I think my favourite part of the massage was that it was relaxing for all my senses (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory)! I honestly felt like I was in a trance and I never wanted it to end.

After the massage, Laureen and I met up in the lobby and were just staring at each other like zombies ’cause the massage was THAT good! Honestly, I would fly back just for that massage.

If you guys are veer in Boracay, that massage is a must-try!

Thank you so much to the Henann and Air Asia team for making all of this possible! You guys rock.

To see more of what I’m talking about, watch this:

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