Henann-1I’m so happy to share these photos with you from our lovely stay in Henann Resort in Bohol, Philippines. If you guys haven’t been to Bohol yet, I highly recommend a trip this year! The beaches are lovely and the island has got quite a lot of activities to offer (more on that in my next post).

I have been to Bohol a few times in the past but this was my first time to stay in Henann Resort and the experience was quite lovely. As you can tell in all my other travel/ hotel reviews, I really make it a point to stress how important service is as a guest. I mean, because isn’t that what you pay for when you make your booking? Any place can give you a room and bed to sleep in but very few get the ‘service’ factor down pat. You know what I mean – the whole experience: the staff, the food, the cleanliness – basically, everything. Let’s face it, when you pay to get away, you should be worry-free! And that’s exactly how I felt during my stay in Henann.


I guess Laureen and I were lucky to have gone at a time when it wasn’t too crazy packed so we really got to enjoy some of the pool areas for ourselves. It’s easy to do this, by the way, ’cause pools are something they’ve got a lot of! Each with a different vibe so it was nice to try them all out at different times of the day, depending on our mood. Just look at the photo above! That’s only a fraction of all their pools / jacuzzis.




The place also had different types of rooms for whatever you could need. I was jokingly asking about all the rooms and they had some for business travellers, couples, honeymoon guests, families, and even halls to accommodate big company outings (*much to my surprise)! I really wanted to try the rooms that had a sliding door that connected to one of the pools, but the guests before us were smart to book those in advance! So that’s just another reason for me to come back and try it out. We did, however, get to try this room (*shown above) and a villa (*seen in my next blog post).







*white suit from Soak Swimwear*


*mandala mat from quiver.ph*


Even if this place was super big, it was really well-managed ’cause I would notice the owners walking around from time to time to make sure that everything was running well. Seeing that, made the business student in me smile a little bit and make a mental note of how all entrepreneurs should keep an eye on their businesses! ehem! Thanks for that, Bradford! haha!




*suit from Beyond the Beach*


The Spa was also in the process of renovation but we were lucky enough to get to try the massages in the comforts of our own room. It was so good that we got another one the next day! No lie. I was in heaven while Laureen snored away beside me. haha! Sorry, Lau. If you saw my Snapchats, you’d know how obsessed I was. I actually have a video in the works for this trip too. So stay tuned for that!




Lastly, I just really wanna say how much I loved their Spanish bread. I wasn’t feeling too well on the trip so I had some bread with my meds. Then when I tasted the Spanish bread, that’s all I craved for the rest of my stay. I seriously wrapped some in my napkin and snuck it back to the room and even had some packed for me for the next day to bring back to Manila. I definitely finished them all on the plane though! 🙁 haha! So if you’re going there anytime soon, bring me back some Spanish bread! I’ll love you for it.

Special thanks to all the managers of Henann Bohol for making our stay as awesome as it was! And shout out to Heidi for being the best chaperone a blogger could ask for. 🙂

ps, now I wanna see all the Henann resorts so I can compare. If you’re planning to go to Boracay anytime soon, I heard they’re also opening one on the island so check that out.

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