Hong Kong Photo Diary
3 November 2015

Hello from the other side! (I blame Adele playing in the background) Anyway, the song seems fitting ’cause this random trip to Hong Kong was booked on such an impulse mainly fuelled by a broken heart, some Beyonce songs, and an urgent need to get away. Now before all the questions start pouring in, I was really just being melodramatic but I did want to get away to clear my mind so this trip was just what I needed to keep my sanity.


While we’re on the topic, I would suggest this antidote to anyone who is feeling stuck. I often travel to clear my mind and find inspiration in all that’s new. It doesn’t even have to be anything as drastic as I did. You can drive down to Tagaytay for the weekend and seclude yourself in a quaint little B&B or if that’s even too much, just check in to a hotel where you can be alone with your thoughts. Believe me, sometimes some alone time can do you wonders!


So anyway, back to Hong Kong! Here are some photos from my very short trip. I hope you too can find some inspiration even if it’s just through these photos 🙂


Tory Burch dress – Mulberry bag

Hong-Kong-Photo-Diary-5 Hong-Kong-Photo-Diary-6

HMV record store in Central

Hong-Kong-Photo-Diary-7 Hong-Kong-Photo-Diary-8

Burger Room in Fashion Walk

Hong-Kong-Photo-Diary-10 Hong-Kong-Photo-Diary-11 Hong-Kong-Photo-Diary-12 Hong-Kong-Photo-Diary-13

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