Join the Circus
8 November 2016

Belo Baby - 10

I don’t think I will ever be the type to go away and join the circus. The O.C.D. freak in me just wouldn’t allow it. The fact that I wouldn’t know where to sleep / shower is already stressing me out! hahaha! I need order in almost everything I do. So this is the closest I get to ever joining the circus! lol 🙂

Belo Baby - 7

Belo Baby - 8

Belo Baby - 6

This was actually taken in Sky Ranch in Tagaytay in between rain showers (hence the gloomy sky) but I was still able to get some cute photos in before my drive back to Manila.

Belo Baby - 5

Watch my drive up to Tagaytay here (just make sure to wear earphones if you’re watching on a mobile device). Don’t ask.

Belo Baby - 4

This look was actually inspired by my Belo Baby giveaway but since I couldn’t take a photo with a loved one (’cause they’re all out of town – boohoo), I decided I’d be inspired by the packaging instead!


P.S. I’m thinking about selling this jacket on my SHOPEE account but I haven’t decided yet. Let me know if the comment section below if you think I should!

Belo Baby - 3

Belo Baby - 2

(Quay sunnies, Bershka jacket, TopShop tank, LovelyBunnyPH skirt, Gucci bag, shoes from HK)

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