Long Lost Lannister
29 July 2016


Not the character I would have chosen but alas I feel like silk is more of a Lannister fabric than a Targaryen. Sorry, Daenerys. I guess I’ll have to save you for a more appropriate day – Halloween perhaps. All GoT bucket lists aside, I decided I’d share with you guys an interesting take on the classic slip dress.


Now that this sexy number is coming back in trend, I thought I’d put two things I loved together and see how it would turn out. Not bad if you ask me. I brought the dress to CDO with me to see if I could find a place to shoot it there but it turns out this fabric is not really made for tropical weather ’cause within ten minutes of donning this baby the sweat stains started to show! eeeek! As amazing as this fabric feels on your skin, it’s not too forgiving on moisture so maybe go for a lighter colour to be safer or better yet, make sure the place your going to is well air-conditioned or breezy enough to keep you safe.


Boob sweat aside, this dress was just to pretty to pass up so I just had to quickly take what I could and show you how I styled it (with a chocker and body chain).


I just love how effortless this cut and fabric looks. You literally just slip it on and go!


If the body chain isn’t for you, then try a classic jewelled necklace for a more conservative approach.


Add a vintage bag and some sexy heels and you’re ready for that night out. I would even say a slip dress can be a perfect date night look if done correctly. How would you wear this dress? Let me know in the comment section below!


(BCBG choker, Pretty Little Blings body chain, H&M dress, Salvatore Ferragamo vintage bag, Miss KG heels from Rustans)

P.S. This H&M slip dress is from the Fall 2016 collection and will be available in stores soon. 🙂

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