My Bedroom Makeover
10 February 2021

A lot of you know I just recently renovated my apartment ’cause I wanted to come home to a place that was cozy and fun. I knew that as I got older, I would have to choose more neutral pieces for my home so while I could, I wanted to have fun decorating a place at my own whim!

However, when I started this project, I was also travelling so much and didn’t really have the time to take care of all the details that needed to be taken cared of. In comes, IEO to save the day! I knew what I wanted for my place but I didn’t know who the good suppliers were. So IEO took care of EVERYTHING for me!

We only had to meet a few times to finalize the details of what I wanted and they took care of it from there. They knew I was busy so they took all the headache away from me! While I was travelling they would send me photos for approval and all I had to do was choose what I liked best!

Just look at what they did to my bedroom! They took it from this….

to this!

Watch the video to find out how it all went down:


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