My Early Christmas Gift
28 December 2018


Do you ever go Christmas shopping and end up always wanting to get things for yourself? Well, for me, it happens all the time! I have been on a few trips with my girlfriends and every time we all get ready for bed, everyone busted out one of these Foreo devices and I always was so curious about why they loved it so much. I wanted to wait for them to try it out for a while before I got one myself. I figured they would be my guinea pigs and when they say go, I’d take the plunge. So I decided to treat myself with LUNA mini 2.


You guys all know how much I love skin care. Your skin is one of the first things people see when they meet you so I always believed that skincare is a good investment for how you are perceived but more than anything, I find my ritual of self-care therapeutic after a long day. I constantly find myself looking forward to going home after a long day to be able to take off all my clothes and make up and unwind.


For the last 2 weeks I have been using LUNA mini 2 as a part of my my double cleansing routine and I find that using that gadget has made my routine so much more fun and rejuvenating.  The pulses that last for one minute really help remove dead skin cells and make up residue which then helps in the absorption of my other skin care products.  It’s like having a mini-facial at home.


I have used mine both in the sink and in the shower and have had zero problems with it. I also love how one full charge can last up to 300 uses and one girl on my IG even commented that hers is still running after a year of use! AMAZING!

It’s one less thing I have to worry about charging when I travel.


Also, the silicone surface makes LUNA mini 2 so easy to clean and feels great on my skin and is 35x more hygienic than other silicone brushes.  From the 3 bristle types, I use the front thin bristles – for my dry, sensitive skin.


If you have been holding out on getting this for yourself, I suggest you finally take the plunge and see experience what the hype is all about! Besides, with all the gift-giving you have done this season, you deserve a treat too!

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