My Living Room Makeover
12 February 2021

Going from my bedroom makeover, we then move onto my living room which is where I spend most of my days. When I moved into this place, it was plain and bare and had a lot of hand-me-downs from my mom which I was very grateful for but after long days of work (pre-covid) I knew that I could make this place more fun, and more me! I also wanted to have a lot of friends over (boy, was I wrong). haha! However, it turned out perfectly anyway because we finished renovations right before the lockdown happened and I was able to fully experience and appreciate all the design elements IEO brought to my space.

Majority of this was done while I was traveling, mind you. IEO really took on all the stress and worries so that I could be present in my work and in my travels!

This was before the furniture:

And here’s a sneak peek at after:

Watch the full video and details here:

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