My Sweet Escape – Sydney
26 November 2016


Going off of my recent solo trip in Sydney, I knew that I would need the help (yet again) of one of my favourite online booking sites to help me capture moments from my trip. I’m of course talking about the Sweet Escape. You may remember them from my previous Sweden post.



Well, this time around I booked a photography session in Sydney with The Sweet Escape and got Eli as my photographer on my available date and time. As usual, it was such a quick process and the end results were just amazing! I mean, take a look at the photos I have from the Opera House and that only took me a few minutes of my day but now I have beautiful photos to last me a lifetime!



I tell all my friends to try them out every time they go travelling ’cause it’s such a great idea to capture your trip’s moments without the hassle of bringing around a tripod or asking strangers to take your photos only to see it was blurry or someone in the group was blinking – not cute.



Now, you can just show up and meet with the photographer, shoot the photos, then go on with your day. Your photos will then be sent to you in your email and you can pick which photos you want to download and then you’re done!


If you want to try them out as well, visit and book away! You can even get 10% off (available ’til the end of Dec.) if you use my code: NICOLE when booking. I promise, it’s so much better than asking random tourists.

(top & skirt from Bugis, Singapore, Daniel Wellington watch, Coach bag, Liptstick boots)

See part of my shoot with them from my vlog too!

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