Off to a Good Start
7 January 2017


Ever new year means fresh beginnings and new opportunities. It’s always exciting when a new year comes ’cause it’s a fresh start to work on our goals. We all know the feeling, everyone starts making resolutions and in just a few weeks or months we all end up forgetting them. Don’t worry. I’m guilty of that too but I still can’t help wanting to make them or at least always have a goal to work towards ’cause that’s what keeps us from being idle. When we have opportunities like this to make ourselves better people, why not take it?


So, off the top of my head, here are some of my resolutions that might give you a few ideas if you’re stuck thinking of any.

1. Eat only when I’m hungry

This is gonna be hard for me ’cause I’m such a big snacker! I just LOVE munching on anything I set my eyes on and it’s such a bad habit. So this year, I’m always going to ask myself: “Do I want to eat this ’cause I’m hungry or bored?”

2. Learn to ‘go with the flow’

The control-freak in me is already regretting this. The simple fact of the matter is that, in reality, things don’t always go as we planned, and sometimes, that’s okay. I need to learn to let go of the little things so that I can focus more on the big things as well as be able to enjoy the moments I’m in before they’re gone. It’s so easy for me to get caught up on a tiny detail that isn’t quite right that I end up missing the bigger, beautiful picture.

No. This does not mean I will stop making to-do lists and plans (’cause those keep me productive) but I WILL try to be more flexible if something doesn’t go as planned and not let it bother me as much.

3. Focus more on my health

This sounds like a given to some people but, to me, it needs to be a constant reminder. More often than not, I tend to take my health for granted because I would choose to prioritise work or a fun, late night with friends but I’m slowly learning that if I want to keep doing what I’m doing for a very long time, then I have to focus on making sure my body can handle it all. It is such a cliche but it’s true. You only get one body and one life to live so it’s important to take care of that so you can really live the best life you can. Besides, medical bills are such a big BIATCH!

So this year, I’m going to listen to my body and make sure this baby runs like a well-oiled machine! So next time you see me working late or eating something ‘unhealthy’ – I would appreciate a friendly reminder of this resolution to nudge me back on the right direction. 😉


Let’s all support each other on our journeys to self-improvement (whatever that may mean for you) this year.

What resolutions do you have planned for 2017? I would love to read them!


I hope you guys have an awesome 2017! I look forward to sharing more memories with you guys this year.

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  • Christine Grace Roasa

    Here are my 2017 resolutions:

    – Savings: I really need to save for this year as I am not getting any younger. 🙂

    – Career path: I need to choose my career path. ( my current job in recruitment, nursing profession or my passion for travel photography)

    – Book wisely: Whenever there’s a seat sale I always book without thinking thoroughly,. For this year, I need to prioritize and think if I need to book that flight or I can pass.

    2017 will be a decision making year for me I guess. 🙂

  • Jullia

    My 2017 resolutions that I would love to do myself is to take better care of my health too. Being confined (for the nth time around) complicates me even more. I used to take it for granted and overwork myself and my mind that I also end up giving hard times to others.
    Be more thankful and appreciative of what I have with me now. Be eager but dont expect much from myself. I finally realized that becaise I over think and expect too much from me that I tend to lose something important.
    And lastly, go with the flow. With the current happenings to me now, from my injuries to situation, I’d love to start from here and move forward. Sorry for this long comment, but writing this I suddenly make up this thoughts. Thankyou so much Nic! This is everything❤

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