Oh Baby Baby
11 June 2017


I am WAY too excited about #SmartBritneySpears right now that I can’t even sleep. haha! I have been playing her songs all day and totally have been visualising every choreography I want to pretend to do on the night. So if you see me dancing my heart out at the concert, you’ll know why.


I’m so happy that Smart has yet again brought another HUGE act into the country that we all have the chance to watch our favourite acts LIVE. Gone are the days of having to fly abroad to see your favourite artists. If you guys wanna be ahead of the action, then bookmark SMART MUSIC LIVE on your browsers to always get updates on the latest acts coming our way – Like U2.

Better yet, subscribers even get the chance to win tickets to these concerts through their giveaways. Believe me, it is not beneath me to join a contest if I really wanted to see the artist! I’m still trying to figure out how to see Beyonce but that’s for another time. haha! I’m getting ahead of myself.

See you all on June 15 for #SmartBritneySpears – Now, on to the next agenda: What to wear for the concert? Any suggestions? Let me know in the comment section below…

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