One by One
10 July 2015

One By One - Melissa 1Now that the rainy season is upon us, it’s time to put aside the suede shoes and all the sandals and bring out all your jellies! By that I mean my Melissa’s. This brand has been well-known for it’s iconic jelly shoes and while they’re great for beach trips, I always keep a pair in the car for running errands and just in case it rains within the day.


What I really wanted to share with you guys, though, is the revolutionary line from Melissa called the One by One. It’s a line made for every woman as you can customise just how you want to wear it.


The line comes in 9 designs that you can mix and match to form 81 different combinations. That’s perfect for adjusting to your every mood throughout the week.


Melissa is definitely changing the shoe game in selling each shoe individually so you can really pick the pair that’s right for you and keep adding to your collection as you go.



The colours also remain neutral, making it easier to pair with a bunch of outfits.


I think these are also the first shoes I have heard of where you can wear each shoe on either the right or left foot. So there really aren’t any rules here. You can wear one shoe on the right foot in the morning then, if you feel like it, switch them around within the day! You’ll surely be turning some heads with that one.


Just look at all the ways these lovely ladies wore their pairs.


Best part is, you can be wearing the same shoes with your girlfriends but they might choose a different pattern than yours.


So your personality really comes through with every pair.


Go check them out for yourself at any Geleia store near you!

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