23 May 2017


2 weeks ago, I attended the launch of the new Oppo F3 and got to try out the phone first hand. This phone was said to be the ‘Selfie Expert’ and so I was definitely intrigued and wanted to take it for a spin myself.


My first impression was that it had a very sleek, clean design which I loved and made it very easy to hold but what really impressed me about the phone were the first-of-its-kind photography innovations ’cause let’s be honest, we’re all suckers for a good selfie.


This is the first phone of its kind to have dual front-facing selfie cameras that serve two purposes – one for your selfies, and one for your ‘groufies’ (group selfies) which has a wider angle lens that lets you get a wider shot. This was what intrigued me the most so I wanted to see what the hype was all about.


True enough, the front selfie cam (with 16mp) proved to produce high-quality photos with an added beauty function if you want it. My favourite feature would definitely have to be the ‘groufie’ camera, though, (with 8mp) as I could take wider angle photos without the need for a selfie stick (which I have been made fun of for using countless times). I can get more people in my shot with less effort.


This, I found, was not only useful for ‘groufies’,  but also for my travel selfies where I wanna get more of the landscape behind me. Sometimes it can be difficult to shoot myself in front of a landmark -but this camera made it so much easier for myself which I loved.


I’m definitely taking this with me on my next trips!

If you want to read more about the phone and its’ specs, just click here.

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