I dared Solenn to do my makeup before we left for Europe but since she’s already such a pro, I challenged her to do it BLINDFOLDED! Turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. She’s just too darn good! Watch the video here:

Snippets from our weekend getaway in Princesa Garden, Palawan. Laureen and I went on another one of our honeymoons together and (as usual) all we did was eat and sleep – which was much-needed at the time! We literally just took this time to catch up on our reading and with each other of course and just talk about life. And since we were already in honeymoon mode, I brought these... [read more]

SM Beauty Ball
6 May 2016

Everyone knows how much I love make up and it’s not for it’s shallow purposes but because the art of transformation one can do with it it simply astounding. It’s exactly that – an art that has been used and passed down for centuries. It’s amazing what a simple touch here and sweep there can do enhance one’s beauty and boost their confidence. This art is further perfected by makeover masters—artists who have... [read more]

I got a few emails and tweets from people asking how they could look better in their photos, so I got the advice of the most sought-after fashion photographer in the country to give his expert opinion how we could take our photos to the next level! I hope this answers all your questions: A big THANK YOU to BJ Pascual for agreeing to do this with me... [read more]

Just a few weeks away from the final Close Up Forever Summer music festival so I figured now would be a good time to share a few things I’ve learned along the way from all the festivals I’ve been to and how you can be as prepared as possible to make this the best Close Up Forever Summer yet. Cash is King (usually): This depends on where your... [read more]

These Streets
29 April 2016

Touchdown London! It’s my first time to ever step foot in the UK after years of imagining what it would be like, I finally get to see it for myself. So please pardon me while I immerse myself completely in this city. I will do my best to update on SnapChat (@nic_andersson) and Instagram but for now, here’s a throwback to my one of my busier days running... [read more]

Shanghai Shenanigans
24 April 2016

This post is LONG overdue! I got to explore The Bund in Shanghai a few months ago and I never knew how colourful this city’s history was. If ever you find yourself in this part of the world, do try to take ‘The Bund walking tour’. You’ll learn to appreciate the city so much more after. At the Waldorf Astoria. Once you’ve done that, drop by Lost Heaven for a nice... [read more]

Sorry I’ve been mia again! As you’ve seen on Instagram, I’ve been busy working in Singapore so I had to take a pause from editing so I can focus on the task at hand. Anyway, we should be back to regular programming – so here’s a sneak peak as to what went on behind the scenes of my shoot with Spotted.Ph. It’s always an honour to be featured in... [read more]

Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo
12 April 2016

If my previous post wasn’t proof enough of Japan’s beauty, here’s a look into our stroll around Yoyogi Park. Gervin actually suggested we go here in the morning to really see it’s beauty and beat the rain from ruining our shots. Even if I was running on very little sleep, we got up extra early to be one of the first ones there. And he was right, this place was... [read more]

Continuing on from my Tokyo post, I have collated a photo diary of our adventures around Shinjuku. And as you can see, most of the trip revolved around food. haha!  If I’m not mistaken, our first stop was at this Tempura place called Tempura Tunahachi and it was amazing! We also met up with Gervin who took us around and showed us the best places to eat! Like this... [read more]

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