18 August 2015

In light of my confusion and uncertainty lately, allow me to share this throwback post from my trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The mood of this memory pretty much suits my sentiments right now. I don’t know if it’s my recent birthday blues or if this is just a weird phase I’m going through but it’s quite scary to be on this ride when you don’t know what’s... [read more]

Trick Eye Museum
3 August 2015

If you’re like me then you are probably always on the look out to try and see new things – especially group activities you can share with your friends! Well, here’s something my friends and I got to try out and it was quite fun to be able to be silly and at the same time add some fun new photos to our Instagram feeds. I’m talking about... [read more]

I was so happy when Thomas Sabo invited Laureen and I to experience their new store opening in Vivo City, Singapore. It’s always great to be able to represent our country internationally and be able to meet people from around the region too. The launch was made more special with the attendance of Thomas Sabo brand ambassador and model, Georgia May Jagger. Read more about the event below.... [read more]

In The Fast Lane
27 July 2015

When in Singapore I highly suggest a visit to Haji Lane. If not for the beautiful and totally ‘instagramable’ backdrops, the cute cafes and unique shops will provide knick knacks and cute fashion finds that you otherwise wouldn’t find anywhere else. I mean, they even have a selfie cafe that prints your selfies on your coffee lids! That’s something I definitely hadn’t heard of before. Just be sure to... [read more]

Our Smart Lives
16 July 2015

Let’s put the travel posts on pause for a second to talk about something I’m grateful I get to do every single day and that’s being able to have a world of information at our very finger tips. I can’t even fathom how our parents or society functioned before the internet let alone our smart phones. It truly is something that’s so ingrained in our daily habits that... [read more]

One by One
10 July 2015

Now that the rainy season is upon us, it’s time to put aside the suede shoes and all the sandals and bring out all your jellies! By that I mean my Melissa’s. This brand has been well-known for it’s iconic jelly shoes and while they’re great for beach trips, I always keep a pair in the car for running errands and just in case it rains within the... [read more]

On The Line
1 July 2015

I don’t get to talk about this too often but I would like to. I really feel like the adventurous side of me does not get the chance to come out much, but it’s there! I wouldn’t really call myself an adrenaline junkie but I like trying new things and pushing myself to do things I never thought I could do. So when I was invited to go... [read more]

Cruise Control
30 June 2015

Excuse me while I reminisce and try to hold on to whatever is left of summer. This weather we have now just simply won’t do. It may be gloomy outside but in here, the sun’s still shining. Hence the big sun hat! 😉 If you watched the video in my previous post, you’d see that this hat was actually one of the smartest things I’ve packed on this... [read more]

Smart Summer
30 June 2015

Summer may be over but the memories we made are what will last us the entire year. And with tickets to all the hottest parties during Labor Day weekend in Boracay (thanks to Smart), we’ve got a lot of them! Just watch a glimpse of what went down during our #SmartSummer in the video below: And that’s just the teaser! One of my favourite parties, was the Meg... [read more]

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