Postcards from Boracay
8 April 2014

 Here are more of our photos from our short Boracay trip!  Really wishing I get to go back this summer. 🙂 This island is just beautiful. A big thank you to @vetus_shop for my lovely kimono.

30 years of Hair care expertise. 30 years of limitless possibilities for the Beyond Beautiful Filipina. Cream Silk, the country’s No. 1 hair care brand, celebrates 30 years of hair care expertise by putting the spotlight on the Beyond Beautiful Filipina. Finally here are the photos of the night I have been mentioning for so long. To read more on what the night was about click here. This... [read more]

On a Night Like This
11 March 2014

 Nowadays, it’s so rare that I get to spend a night out with my friends. Usually it’s because we’re all so busy with our different schedules and other times I’m just so tired from a long day of work that I can’t even think about getting out of bed. However, there is always that night when all things fall into place and a night out with your girls... [read more]

Giordano Concepts
8 March 2014

Giordano Concepts finally opens in SM Mega Fashion Hall and they invited a whole bunch of style icons to come check it out. 🙂 I was so honored to be part of it. I loved the whole concept of the opening ’cause they asked everyone to come in something Victorian-inspired then we got to play around with the brilliant minds behind Preview Magazine and essentially play “dress up”.... [read more]

Palawan – Last Day
26 February 2014

Our last day in El Nido, and I wore this maxi dress. I love the detail of the print and beading on the collar. I really love wearing maxi dresses at the beach because it’s just so easy & simple but it still has that touch of glam being floor-length. (Ever New dress) I really think it’s the print that I loved the most. What do you think?

Palawan Day 2
19 February 2014

Day 2 of our Palawan adventure: Water sports day. While everyone was out playing in in the sun in all the water sports activities they had, I had to stay back and relax in my room ’cause I was still recovering from my horrible flu. These were shot right before my room mates left and I joined everyone after for some lunch and boating relaxation which you will... [read more]

The Annoncement
13 February 2014

Close up’s freshest beach party is back and even better as they let the public call the shots. You get to choose the theme and music of the party! Isn’t that cool? You can have a say by sharing your ideas through their Facebook page, their Twitter and Instagram account. Closeup is inviting everyone to help create the party. So go tell them how you want Closeup Forever... [read more]

Touchdown – Palawan
12 February 2014

In relation to my previous post about our trip to Palawan. Here’s what I wore for our 7am flight. Yes, you heard me right: 7am. That meant we had to be at the hangar at 5 am. Yikes! Having packed last-minute, I didn’t get to sleep ’til 3 and set my alarm for 4 so I was woozy the whole day. I chose this dress because it was... [read more]

Two weeks ago, Nivea Philippines took us bloggers (along with some celebrities and media) to the beautiful islands of El Nido, Palwan for 2 days of fun under the sun. We were all pretty excited because this was probably the first trip where all six of us were complete. We had a jam-packed schedule full of fun activities under the sun that included yoga, waterspouts, samba lessons, and... [read more]

Caped Crusader
1 February 2014

Is it just me or did January fly by in a blink of an eye? Now February is here and I have gotten a few emails asking about what to wear on date night. So here’s what I would probably wear on that special night. To begin with, I decided to play around with the color of love but rather than going for an all red dress, I... [read more]

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