My recent trip to New York for fashion week has been such a whirlwind. The whole week I was there I barely got 5 hours sleep every night, sometimes only 3. I knew I would need to be bringing back all the clothes I wore that week too so I would need as much luggage space as I could get. This meant that flying Business Class was probably my... [read more]

August Favourites 2017
26 August 2017

Here are all of my random FAVES this month!  See the list of products below: 1. Bed sheets 2. February Lifestyle earrings 3. Herbpiness 4. Mascara Watch my Airplane Skin Care Routine here.

I know some of you are waiting for a vlog from my recent trip to Sweden but I made a conscious decision that my trip there would be all about spending time with my family and really getting in as much quality time with my siblings as I possibly could before they’re all grown up. Living half-way across the world from your family can make it hard to stay connected when... [read more]

With all the flights I have been taking lately, I have had to adjust my skin care routine to adapt to my erratic schedule, lack of sleep, and all the dryness caused by these flights. So I created a small travel pouch of all my essentials to make sure I land after a long-haul flight with glowing skin. Here’s a quick video to show you just what I do to give... [read more]

Seems like just yesterday I was strolling through the boardwalk of Barceloneta with my girls as we sung our hearts out to the only three words we knew to ‘Despacito’ (that word included). We had only 3 goals in mind: Eat and drink all we can; Dance our hearts out; and serve some looks while we’re at it. If you wonder whether or not, we were able to achieve those... [read more]

So many of you have been waiting for this VLOG so here it is! The highlights of our #SPAINoritas trip jammed into 10 minutes of crazy fun. See all the beautiful places we went to and all the silly things we did while running on mostly paella and sangrias. I wish we could do this every year. Where should we go next? Which was your favourite part? Let... [read more]

Almost everything that could have gone wrong on this trip did 🙁 First our trip to Cuba got cancelled (watch that here) – detoured to LA- luggage lost in Miami- Shampoo spilled- we got conned on our night out- then that unlucky boat ride. 🙈 I must have walked under a ladder or something but despite all that happening, we still tried to make the most of our trip... [read more]

Oh Baby Baby
11 June 2017

I am WAY too excited about #SmartBritneySpears right now that I can’t even sleep. haha! I have been playing her songs all day and totally have been visualising every choreography I want to pretend to do on the night. So if you see me dancing my heart out at the concert, you’ll know why. I’m so happy that Smart has yet again brought another HUGE act into the country that... [read more]

Here are all of my BEAUTY FAVES this month! All very useful and effective and all part of my daily routines. See the list of products below: 1) Ricky’s Z palette 2) Clarins Firming Body Cream 3) La Mer’s Renewal Oil – This dual-phase elixir blends Miracle Broth™ and sea-sourced actives, unleashing a wave of activity to infuse skin with youth. Collagen production improves, helping soften the look of... [read more]

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