Double Cleansing
6 December 2016

So many people have asked me for a daily and nightly skin routine lately so I figured I’d tackle it slowly as doing the entire routine might be too long. So first let’s talk about cleansing and makeup removal. Every night before bed, I make sure that my face is clean of all the makeup I have on plus all the dirt and dust it’s accumulated throughout the day. This... [read more]

My Sweet Escape – Sydney
26 November 2016

Going off of my recent solo trip in Sydney, I knew that I would need the help (yet again) of one of my favourite online booking sites to help me capture moments from my trip. I’m of course talking about the Sweet Escape. You may remember them from my previous Sweden post. Well, this time around I booked a photography session in Sydney with The Sweet Escape and got... [read more]

5 Solo Travel Tips
26 November 2016

I love travelling alone but people seem to always be shocked by that. I always get questions on why I do it and once I explain all the experiences I’ve had, I then get asked HOW I do it. So I decided to make a short video on my top 5 travel tips for solo travellers. Here you go!  Hope you like it. Please don’t forget to subscribe to... [read more]

Smooth Operator
21 November 2016

Taking it from my previous post, here’s what I wore for the Singapore Fashion Week SS17 presentation of Swarovski. I found out I was to fly to Singapore for this event the night before my flight so I literally had to scramble for whatever I had in my closet that would be appropriate for this sort of engagement. Good thing I had this burnt orange number lying around from NA-KD!... [read more]

Urban Romance
20 November 2016

 At the hight of Singapore Fashion Week, global jewellery brand (Swarovski) presented the Swarovski Exhibition Spring/Summer 2017 at the Naumi hotel, in Singapore . The brilliant exhibit showcased 10 beautiful couture looks that inspired the key silhouettes in the new Swarovski Spring/Summer 2017 Collection ‘Urban Romance’, as seen in these photos. The exhibit was an exclusive look at the 10 couture looks designed by Creative Director Nathalie Colin. All of the pieces... [read more]

Cabin Call
11 November 2016

This lovely summer weather as got me reminiscing this beautiful sunny day in Sorrento. In between all the gelato tastings and carb-loading, I knew I would have to pack a one-piece for this trip to semi-disguise my growing pasta bump of a belly! haha! It’s a good thing I had this saviour lying around the house, so I decided to bring it along to Italy with me. If you’re worried... [read more]

Join the Circus
8 November 2016

I don’t think I will ever be the type to go away and join the circus. The O.C.D. freak in me just wouldn’t allow it. The fact that I wouldn’t know where to sleep / shower is already stressing me out! hahaha! I need order in almost everything I do. So this is the closest I get to ever joining the circus! lol 🙂 This was actually taken in... [read more]

Belo Baby Giveaway (Closed)
6 November 2016

Giveaway alert! Belo Baby is giving away 3 sets of Belo Baby colognes and it’s so easy to join! All you have to do is: to share your sweetest photo with a loved one on Instagram & tag @BeloBabyLove and me (@nicole_andersson – so I can see your entires) & use the hashtag #BeloBabyScentsationalSquad then I will pick 3 winners with the cutest photos! It’s that easy! Winners will be... [read more]

I still can’t believe I got Raymond to agree to do this with me. haha! Our only agreement was that it couldn’t be spicy or alive. Also, I just realised how useless my tastebuds are. Why do I suck at this game?! I was definitely not meant to be in the kitchen. 🙂 I apologize ahead of time for the loud noises I make in the video! It’s... [read more]

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