Got another video for you guys! This time it’s to help with some last-minute Halloween costume ideas. If you have any more ideas, let me know in the comment section below! Also, let me know if you wanna see other things on my Youtube Channel too. I would love to hear some cool ideas.

On our fourth day exploring Italy, we drove down to Sorrento (from Rome) and we had a chill day just walking around the town, exploring the little markets and lying on the beach. It was so relaxing to have so much free time to just take everything in and not have to rush anywhere. I think the tour manager did this ’cause she could see just how hung over everyone... [read more]

7Th Wheel in Sienna
19 October 2016

On our last day in the Castle, we all had one final brunch before everyone parted ways and did their own thing. Raymond and I were supposed to go to Sienna with the group but he ditched me last minute so that’s how I became 7th wheel. 🙁 Thanks, Mond! P.S. Watch all my friends scatter & leave my side every time I bust out the selfie stick &... [read more]

Belo Baby Hangout
17 October 2016

Just this past Saturday was our #Scentsational Squad got to hang out with the winners of the #BeloBaby Instagram contest for each ambassador. That meant I got to meet my 5 winners from Instagram too and spend a sweet afternoon with them full of fun activities. Before the event even started, each guest was asked some questions about their personalities before they would be sent to their respective teams to make sure each team had... [read more]

Rome Day 3
7 October 2016

Going through all these photos are making me nostalgic. I wish I could re-live all of these memories again. Thank goodness I took A LOT of photos on this trip to last me a lifetime! lol. These were taken on our third and last day in Rome where we got to tour The Vatican Museum, see the Sistine Chapel (as well as Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam), enter St. Peter’s Square and tour... [read more]

I got this challenge and headed straight to Watsons MOA to find products that would cover all my needs for under P1,000. Watch me do an everyday make up look for under $20 (aka P1,000) and see if I conquered it! Let me know in the comments section down below if you wanna see more videos like this or if you have other ideas instead! I would love to hear... [read more]

Exploring Rome – Day 2
26 September 2016

On the second day, we got to see the Colosseum and the Vatican! Aaaaaah! It was so cool to see them in person and have my best friend with me the whole time. While everyone followed the tour guide and really took in the history, we (of course) had to take like a million photos to remember the moment forever! haha! This place was just SOOOO amazing and I... [read more]

Exploring Rome – Day 1
22 September 2016

Here we go! The first of many blog posts about my Mediterranean Escape tour with Contiki. Here’s what happened on day one:  Laureen and I arrived early in Rome and so we checked into our hotel and walked around the area before meeting up with the group at around 4pm. Our hotel was near this really cool dome and surrounded by cafes, so we decided to have a quick... [read more]

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