Athens Vlog
27 July 2016

Here’s part three of our Mediterranean Escape tour with @Contiki. I’m so sad this trip had to come to an end but really happy I got to document it all in my videos. Now I can re-live all the memories whenever I want. Let me know what you think in the comment section below! See part 2 here: Check out Contiki’s Mediterranean Escape trip here: PS:... [read more]

I still can’t believe I got to fly to London to watch Rihanna LIVE! When I got the call from #SmartBro about the concert, I didn’t even think twice about saying YES! I didn’t even check my schedule or anything. I just knew I had to make it happen and since we were only there for such a short time, I knew I had to make the best... [read more]

Deep Blue
18 July 2016

I love to the sale sections of shopping sites and just seeing what I can score from time to time ’cause you’ll never know what you will find, like this shirt that was half off on Score! I’ve been so obsessed with t-shirts lately and just how comfortable they are so I’m happy to add this ‘blinging’ number to my otherwise plain repertoire. haha! It’s the perfect... [read more]

Rome Day 1 -3 Vlog
16 July 2016

Here’s a snippet of what went down during the first 3 days of our Mediterranean Escape tour with @Contiki. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to share the rest of the trip with you here on the blog but for now, give it a watch & let me know what you think! Also, check out Contiki’s Mediterranean Escape trip here: PS: Contiki is offering 10%... [read more]

Sound of Music Moment
14 July 2016

When my boyfriend saw me coming out of the arrival terminal in the airport wearing this, his first comment was that I looked like I was wearing my curtains! 🙂 haha! I couldn’t help but take it as a wonderful compliment and pretended I was Maria von Trapp the whole day. I had the soundtrack playing in my head as I twirled all around CDO without a care in the world. I... [read more]

In Theatres Near You
9 July 2016

It was quite fortunate that Laureen and I got some time off to be able to explore Singapore with Zippy on this day so we found this cute little cinema that just happened to be empty.

While in Sweden, I met Martin of The Swedish Lad and agreed to do a language challenge! I obviously sucked trying to speak Swedish but it was still fun. I’ve always wanted to try and learn Swedish and this is probably the closest I’ll get to that. LOL! Anyway, it was all done in good fun so don’t take it too seriously!

6 July 2016

I only wish I looked like this in high school! haha! But alas I was far from this. Imagine this with longer hair, colourful braces, 20 pounds skinnier, and just lanky overall. That was me. haha! Thank God I outgrew that but if you are still going to school and need some ‘inspo’ for what to wear. Here’s my ‘Clueless‘ inspired look. I’m just not too sure if schools will allow skirts... [read more]

Cute Singapore Spots
4 July 2016

In my recent Singapore trip, I got to visit some really nice places that I thought I’d share with you. If you’re planning a trip there soon and are on the hunt for some ‘Instagrammable‘ places to visit then this might help. TIONG BAHRU This is the area I got to focus mostly on cause between just a few streets, I already found 5-6 different cafes and shops that were (for... [read more]

Romwe From Home
1 July 2016

Do you guys ever get into the habit of saving some of your favourite outfits for special occasions that never really happen? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry! You’re not alone. I have been doing it since I was a little girl and it’s something I’ve been trying over the years but sometimes I just can’t help it! Usually, what ends up happening is you don’t even get... [read more]

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