Paper Airplanes
16 April 2015
I’m sure by now you guys know how much I love personalised jewelry. The thought that the piece you’re wearing was made specially for you just makes it so much more memorable than other pieces you own.
Well, check out my new ride! JK. I just wish I could fly on this baby. haha!
It’s my necklace from personalized accessories. Don’t you just love the shape? It’s so different from everything else you see in the malls that it can even make a good conversation piece. ๐Ÿ˜‰
My boyfriend even said “I wish I thought of making you that!” haha! And that’s saying something ’cause he rarely notices the jewelry I wear. ๐Ÿ™‚ I chose the airplane ’cause I thought it would be different but they could practically make any shape and size you want from their website! It’s pretty amazing. Check out their ‘interlock’ line too. It’s definitely on my next shopping list.
I wanted the necklace to be my main statement piece of jewelry so I kept everything else basic.
I was also feeling extra festive and girly on this day so I donned my new pink set from Her Fashion Box. What do you think?
(Shades Originators shades, Her Fashion Box set, Kenneth Cole bag, Personalized Accesories necklace)

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