Snippets from our weekend getaway in Princesa Garden, Palawan. Laureen and I went on another one of our honeymoons together and (as usual) all we did was eat and sleep – which was much-needed at the time! We literally just took this time to catch up on our reading and with each other of course and just talk about life. And since we were already in honeymoon mode, I brought these bath balls I found at Lush and made a nice, warm bubble bath for us to chill in. haha! It wasn’t as romantic as they make it seem in the movies at all! It took me almost an hour to fill that huge tub and I had to keep re-heating the water cause it just wasn’t the temperature I wanted, but, in the end, I still got it to work. It was at that point that we realised we have had more romantic trips together than we have ever had with our partners! LOL. Sorry boys, BFFs always come first.

Bikini by Khongboon Swimwear

If you guys wanna do a quick weekend getaway, this place was literally 5 minutes away from the airport so getting there and flying back was such a breeze. We wasted no time.

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