I still can’t believe I got to fly to London to watch Rihanna LIVE! When I got the call from #SmartBro about the concert, I didn’t even think twice about saying YES! I didn’t even check my schedule or anything. I just knew I had to make it happen and since we were only there for such a short time, I knew I had to make the best of the whole trip and I started by memorising the full concert line up on Spinnr and downloading Rihanna songs before the trip using my Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi from Smart Bro’s Big Bytes Plan 799! I made sure to have all the songs on my phone so I can listen to it all up until the concert – okay. even WAY after it too! haha! I just had PRCD (Post-Rihanna Concert Syndrome) 😀 – yes. that’s a thing. And I still have it ’til now.


Check out this video of us (Lau, Verniece, Vern, and I) having a silent concert in the Mabuhay lounge listening to the same Rihanna songs together through our Spinnr app. We had to wear earphones so we wouldn’t bother the other guests but who says you can’t have a mini pre-concert sesh with your barkadas anywhere?! We sure made it happen 😉 Just watch below:

Next up on the preparation list was to plan the places we would go see and hotels we would stay at while we were there. Before our trip, and in between shoots we would have together, I would bring my iPad Mini 2 with me and show Laureen all the tabs I saved of cool places we could go see in London (*see pictures below). It’s honestly so much easier with my Smart Bro’s iPad Plan 799 ‘cause then I can search all the places I wanna go to while I’m on the go. I do most of my searching in the car while I’m stuck in traffic so that I’m not wasting my time sitting idly.

Once we had the places booked and all the songs downloaded, it was just about time to go on our trip. Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat know just how much I was posting and sharing snaps LIVE during the concert. It was literally like I covered the ENTIRE concert lol. Tinalo ko pa Snapchat ng MTV!  People were sending me tweets saying it was as if they were right there with me. My followers practically got a free seat into the Rihanna concert as they watched LIVE updates from the concert straight from my phone. 🙂

If you missed the Snaps on the day itself, don’t worry I can give you the lowdown right here.



First of all, Vern, Verniece, Laureen and I were able to find a hotel right beside the Wembley stadium using our Smart Bro’s iPad Plan 799. It was just perfect ’cause we literally could see the stadium from our hotel rooms and better yet, walk over to the concert when we were ready without having to deal with traffic or getting lost. It was literally a hop and a skip away from the stadium that after all our twerking, jumping, dancing, and more twerking, we were just so beat that we just walked over to our rooms after the concert and plopped straight to bed! haha! The powers of thinking ahead!

It was by total coincidence too that we all wore bomber jackets! Verniece and I even had a major #twinning moment during the concert.


Did I mention we had a twerk-off battle on the concert grounds?! haha! Watch us do our best Rihanna rendition here and let me know which twerk you liked the best!

After all that planning, it was now time to enjoy this concert to the fullest!



If you want to do some of the things we did, allow me to list them down for you here and let me know what you think!

Lunch at Borough Market – try the pulled pork buns. Laureen swear by them.



Walk on the London Bridge



Visit the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey



Watch the changing of the guards in Buckingham Palace



Have some fish and chips at a local pub too


or Grab some coffee and a crepe at Portobello market – and look at all the pretty pastel houses around!



This really was one of the most fun trips we’ve been on. I’m so happy we got to make use of all our time there to the fullest thanks to my Smart Bro’s iPad Plan 799. If you are planning to go on a trip anytime soon, I highly encourage you to use Smart Bro’s iPad Plan 799 so you can plan your itinerary, make your playlists, and store all your photos just as I have so I can re-live all these awesome memories whenever I want.


Thank you so much SMART BRO for making this happen! You guys really do have the coolest events in your line up. Can’t wait for the next one!

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