Sinulog Weekend 2016
21 January 2016


CRAZY. If there was one word to describe the weekend that just passed, it has to be that. I know that I’ve been to Sinulog years ago but it was always for work and so I never got to experience the party side that I hear so much about. So when Smart invited me to come check it out, I was a bit curious to see what the fuss was all about.


I asked my friends how I should pack and everyone told me to bring clothes that I didn’t mind getting dirty and as people started describing the festival more and more, I started to get more anxious. haha! Imagine thousands and thousands of people partying then throwing paint of each other on top of that. If you saw my Snapchat, then you saw how packed the streets were! It’s like all of Cebu (and then some) came out to party. At one point, our van was even bombarded by people singing and just playing around in general – all in good fun of course! 🙂


Of course, I didn’t listen to any of my friends’ advice because I still chose to bring all my cute rompers from GoBuy.Com.Ph Like this black one and the colourful one I wore up top. They’re just perfect for me when I go on trips cause it’s a full outfit in one item so I barely have to think of anything else!


The energy over the weekend was just palpable. Everyone was there to have a good time and that’s exactly what Smart gave us! When we got to Invasion, the line up of DJs were just so good and they even had performers who did different segments like beat boxing and LED dancing. I’m pretty sure I had my mouth open the whole time ‘cause the energy of your surroundings just takes over you.

My favourite set had to be when Smart brought in Nix Damn P from Manila to perform in Invasion. I mean, he just kills it every time and I wish we had more DJs in Manila that really pump up the crowd and get into it as much as he does.

Did I mention I got to Cebu via Oh Ship?! haha! That’s another first. It’s a pretty cool concept actually. It’s basically a party boat that starts the party out at sea so people who are heading to places like Sinulog or LaBoracay can start partying with their friends a day ahead while en route to their next party destination. It’s a lot cheaper than flying too! So for all you party freaks who are looking to save a little bit more money, this could be worth checking out!

I can now officially say that I have experienced Sinulog and it was amazing! Thank you, Smart for showing us such a great time. ’Till the next party!

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