Smart Sinulog 2017
8 January 2017


Last year, I took a cruise ship from Manila to Cebu to join Smart in celebrating Sinulog – and it was CRAZY! (read more about it here) And this year, Smart is doing it again! This year, they are sponsoring two of the biggest parties – LifeDance and Invasion.


So if you’re planning to go this year, make sure to subscribe to the Giga 50 plan so that you can share all your moments with your friends while it’s all happening just like we did last year.



Also, I wrote a post last year about 7 ways to level up your Sinulog experience. So you can check that out here.

Also, it’s important to be prepared when you go to festivals, so check some of my festival essentials here to help you out.

Hope that helps! Enjoy!

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  • Jullia

    I always wanted to go but hopefully I get to try next time! And Im always looking forward to meeting you (again!) 🙊 Stay fab Nic!😘