I know some of you are waiting for a vlog from my recent trip to Sweden but I made a conscious decision that my trip there would be all about spending time with my family and really getting in as much quality time with my siblings as I possibly could before they’re all grown up. Living half-way across the world from your family can make it hard to stay connected when life and work gets in the way. So the little time I do have to be a big sister is quite precious to me. I hope you understand.  Swedish_Escape_3I love coming back here because every time I do, I also get reminded of the important things in life. We are constantly on the go – always thinking two steps ahead and worrying about the next thing we need to do. Our next meeting, our next goal, our next everything. So we forget to stop and smell the flowers – something I was happy to do (quite literally) in my time here. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything I “need to do” that I tend to forget to just sit back, relax, and just take it all in. In Sweden, though, there is definitely not a lack of this mentality and I love being reminded of that. I can’t speak for the whole country, of course, but everyone I meet here seems to have such a healthy understanding of where work ends and life begins.

And in my own little way, I wanted to share that with you guys through this post. I will be the first to tell you that it’s great to have goals and I definitely still have a million and one goals I want to achieve but being so goal-focused can make you miss the beautiful things around you. So yes, work hard but don’t burn out.


The next time you go to a concert, listen to the music. Going on a trip? Stop and enjoy the view.  Eating out with friends? Treasure the company.


Save a little for yourself and the people around you.  Life is such an awesome ride – don’t forget to enjoy it.


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I wanna hear from you guys too. How do you guys enjoy the little things in life? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  • Jullialm

    I agree. Sometimes we get too focused on our goals that we tend to let the feeling of being the moment, pass. I enjoy the little things in my life by always thanking God even with the simplest thing that has happened to me. Also, letting go of my gadgets and internet even for awhile was one of the best decision I’ve made so far. Thankyou for this post ate Nic!

  • Kamille

    Working abroad and being away from my family and having 24 days a year only for vacation never gets easy everytime. I have been working in Iraq for 4 years and everytime I leave home, I always end up crying every airport stop. Kahit na may ways na to connect with them but being with them is priceless. Money is always there but family, its everything and time just makes it more priceless.

  • Christy

    Stop. Breathe. Take it all in! Thank you for the reminder Nicole!

  • RC

    I agree.. take time, enjoy the moment, embrace the memories. It only happens once that’s why we should make the best out of it. (it may not happen once, pero iba yung mangyayare the following days or the next time it happen) With work, it will always be there, and sometimes you need to get out of it and spend time with friends, families, loved ones hindi sila palaging available, so when schedule meets, I make sure to attend and have a lot of fun, literally laugh my heart out. 🙂

  • Terina

    The flowers are so blooming like you po. Loved it all 🙂 and flowers are very energizing to our soul and such a happy spirit to us. I hope you can drop by here in Terrazas Cebu in Lahug Miss Anderson, I know your looks blend with the beautiful flowers around. Thanks for sharing wonderful thoughts. <3