Take Me Away
24 February 2013
Really been feeling the urge to want to get away again lately and these photos are not helping.
I miss the beach so much! These were taken last month on my last day in Bohol (Alona beach).
Thank God we’re set for a weekend getaway this Thursday for Nivea.
I can not wait.
Ignore the sunburn. I don’t tan very well. 🙁 Must be the Scandinavian blood in me.
These were literally taken after three days of attempting to get tan.

Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to try again this weekend.
This is what really happens during my outfit shots. First, I’m awkward then I’m distracted. Then, I’m shy. Then, finally, I’m goofy. No fail.
What I’m wearing: Shades- from Korea; Top- Victoria Secret; Shorts- Audrey 3+1

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