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9 March 2016

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With all the online case stores out there, and all the designs to choose from, how do you even begin to choose what to get? Well, I personally believe that, just like your clothes, your accessories should also compliment your personal style and personality. And sometimes going through hundreds of choices can be so confusing and frustrating, so why not just pick a design or picture you want, then customise your own? That’s what I did at The Kase in Powerplant mall and it turned out pretty awesome.

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The great thing about this place is that they literally have something for everyone. If you want a pre-made case, they have it. If you want one that’s designed by an artist, they have it. If you want a photo of your puppy or your family, they can do it!

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It was pretty crazy actually ’cause they can do almost anything you ask for! Now that’s service.

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I’m a sucker for anything personalised, so when offered the chance to design my own laptop / phone case, I went for it! I went online, found the design I wanted and emailed it to them to be made on the spot. Some people drop by to leave their designs to be printed while they went for lunch or watched a movie while others chose a design from their vast library and waited to have it printed then and there.

sThe Kase 14

This is definitely the most customisable experience I’ve had when it comes to my gadgets.

sThe Kase 11

They have this awesome printer that just prints your designs right on the spot so you can literally see the process from start to end – a fun activity to bring the family to, if you ask me. But the best part was when a print didn’t come out to the customer’s standards, they were so willing to do it over again until you are satisfied (at no cost to the customer). Now that’s great service. I feel like everyone should do that, actually. Way to set the bar, guys! 🙂

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sThe Kase 1

I chose a marble design cause I wanted my phone case to match my laptop case. It just looks so much cuter that way, don’t you think?

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sThe Kase 18

If you don’t want to spend all that time customising your own case, though. Then you can just check out their website and do the entire process online then just have it delivered to your house or drop by the store to pick it up.

sThe Kase 13

I highly suggest checking this out because isn’t so much better when you show your friends a case that YOU designed? *Plus points for street cred!* lol.

sThe Kase 2

Wanna check it out for yourself? Drop by their stores in Powerplant mall and Glorietta and get creative. 😉

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