White Noise
29 August 2014
There’s just something so sophisticated about an a monochromatic look, especially with whites and beiges. It’s the cleanliness and freshness of the colours that make them look so refined. However, there is always that love-hate relationship with white garments as they’re always so high-maintenance to don.

As much as I would love to wear white everyday, I don’t think I’d be able to stay sane worrying about every possible stain the world has to offer. So I’ll save this look for special, care-free days like this one when I shot with photographer Louie Arcilla for his portfolio. Just look at how nice and clean his photos are! Thanks so much, Louie. Working with you makes shooting such a breeze.
Check out his photos below, and keep reading to see how you can score a discount on these cool Ksubi shades I’m wearing.
As you all know, I am a big lover of sunglasses and online shopping. So when I discovered Shades Originators I was pretty excited to find a website that combined my two loves. That’s actually where I found these Ksubi skeleton sunglasses that are not that easy to find here along with other designer glasses that are just so lust-worthy. And as a special treat to all my readers, they’re even offering 30% off on ALL Ksubi sunglasses from their website! All you have to do is enter this code at check out: VIP30
It’s that simple! All now you can get all your favourite designer shades from all over the world, curated in one website and delivered right to your doorstep! Pretty cool if you ask me. Happy Shopping!
(KSUBI shades from shadesoriginators.com, Forever21 top, Pretty Little Blings necklace, Morellato bracelet, Amercian Eagle jeans, Zara heels, Armani clutch)
If you want to check out more or Louie Arcilla’s work, check his Facebook page here.

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